Gwene Gwene is an RSS (and Atom, etc) to Usenet News (i. e., NNTP) gateway.

If you wish to read various feeds, but don't want to use one of those new-fangled web browser thingies (they'll never take off), you can just point your Usenet news reader towards news.gwene.org and read all the kitteh blogs from the comfort of something I don't quite know how to end this run-on sentence.

Sign up single feeds or add all your feeds by uploading an OPML file.

Gwene is a sister site to Gmane, which provides a bidirectional mailing list to NNTP gateway and archive. As opposed to the Gmane site, there's not much of a web interface to the gwene.* newsgroups, but there's a site showing snippets from the articles.

The gwene.* groups will be fed out to any news servers that are interested in getting a feed, so that people can read these groups without talking to news.gwene.org directly, but I have to figure out how to set that up first.

The RSS to NNTP software is free software.

The person "responsible" for this is Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen, and I can be reached at larsi <at> gnus.org. If you have suggestions for Gwene or Gmane or how to increase the number of kitteh blogs in the world in general, I'd suggest posting them on the gmane.discuss newsgroup.